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GTA IV Original LEGENDARY mod menu


This is the big boy, only for original though.


xD4I2K SIVIOKESx Mod Menu - This has been removed as requested if i was you i would buy this menu its the best

Motion's and Ghosts Premium (GT Lock)- If you want to replace with your menu just message me.

XMC Public V3.5 - Yeah it PUBLIC

Evades 3.0 Mod menu - All mod slots are empty to add anything you want mod1.sco, mod2.sco ect...

Chrome's 3.0 Mod Menu (GT Lock) - Again message me if you have this and i will replace this with yours

Revolutions 1.3 Menu - This is theblazingtech edition

Dr Clans 2.5 Mod menu - Good old Doctor Clans Menu

Evil Blunts Player Menu - This is the player menu seen in his trainer release

Ihaz Premium Menu - This is found in the Insurextion's stuff option as i added this as a extra

Threesocks Native Trainer

K3R3D0RS Menu - Great Mod menu all round

Daxxphenoms Mod Menu - Very good menu hes done a great job on this,

Muskelprotze's Stash - Menu has modslots you can also add things too, addon01.sco ect....

JDMALEX PREMIUM - This menu is good for online players

JDMALEX Simple - This menu is good for personal mods

Keyboard scripts:

Cathering's Original Keyboard

Dudeeitsbrians Extended Scripts

Chrom3's 2.0 Keyboard scripts

Revolutionz 1.2 keyboard scripts

Dr Jigsaws Keyboard/Controller scripts

Haters Hate On Keyboard/controller Scripts

T3CHS Keyboard Scripts

Liquids Premium Scripts - Just replace with your premium scripts or any version of Liquids

Chrom3's Keyboard Freeze gun Script

Liquids Rage Mode Script

Freeze Features: I am against freezing games but here is what you can do as i know alot of people do look and want freezing power.

*Character Freeze* - This you can figure out yourself as it easy to use but am not gonna tell the world how to use.

*Freeze Gun*

*Super Freeze Car* - This you have to make in a common but its very easy and i will help you unless your a little kid.

*Control Freeze* - This is where you control a person and freeze them when they enter you car.

*Freeze Area* - Freeze an area of the map of your choice ( This has been removed and will be unreleased )

Mods include: Gravity Gun

Rocket gun

Freeze Gun

Object Gun

Rocket Uzi

Teleport Gun

Explosive Guns

Nayjames Rocket Car

Chrom3's Realism Scripts

Chrom3's Roleplay Scripts

Simple God Mode enabler

Give Weapons to players

Take Weapons of players

Spawn Objects on players

Skylift Pick up

Throw Cars Script

Annihalator Pickup

Trophy Scirpt

Campaign Mods and much much more......

(will only work if you live in the PAL region(europe, australia,U.K)

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